Veiws on Calling and God’s Will

… A continued conversation from JD Greear’s Blog, Entry entitled “How Do You Know What You are ‘Called’ to as a Christian?”

I agree wholeheartedly with JD & yucko. This issue is very pervasive in college. Kids are asking all the time the question “what has God called me to?” There are constant fears of falling in line with “the one life trajectory that God has for us.” The more I think about it, the more that statement puts God in box, saying that basically we can so easily mess up God’s Will.

An analogy we encourage those making major life decisions is instead of asking, “What does God have for me to do,” ask, “What is God already doing in the world, and how has he gifted me to be a part of it.” We need to take the focus off ourselves and see our role in line with the big picture: It’s all about knowing God and making Him known. We give the challenge as JD does. There are pockets of people who don’t have access to the gospel (10,000 unreached people groups). We know God has said that he will redeem “panta ta ethne” (all the families/people groups of the world.) Why not be involved there?


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3 Responses to “Veiws on Calling and God’s Will”

  1. Jeff Says:

    “We need to take the focus off ourselves and see our role in line with the big picture: It’s all about knowing God and making Him known.”

    That is the ESSENCE of the problem with the question of calling. Since our identity is defined by Christ living IN us, we shouldn’t be focused inward, but rather focused on God when seeking our profession.

  2. Jeff Says:

    An additional comment…to myself.

    I think we also have to remember that God’s plan is sovereign to our own. It would be mighty absurd if it were not.

  3. DonChubb Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. God’s is totally sovereign and he is in control of the universe, and our example from the New Testament of Paul is not one of God should I go here or there, but he ends several of his letters with “afterwards I’ll do such and such…”.

    There is a great book out there about the Lords will and Calling by Gary Freison called “Decision Making and the Will of God.”

    I am a missionary candidate for a large missions organization and it is amazing how many people come up to me and say “That’s great what you’re doing. If God ever called me into missions I would do it, but that’s just not his will for my life”. It seems like this (what I would call “false”) doctrine of the individual calling into ministry has caused many people to dodge any responsibility or accountability for their decisions in life. It is almost a fatalistic approach to life if taken to the logical outcome. It will deposit one at this point: “If an event takes place or a decision is made, then it took place exactly as it should have and is part of God’s perfect eternal exhaustive plan for the universe therefore I cannot make any decisions that would be bad/outside of the will of God for my life.”

    anyway, I’ve done quite a bit of study on this and I find it very interesting the different views on the will of God and the missionary call. My call into missions was not subjective or based on an experience; it was based on the objective truth in the Word of God.

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