The typical American Christian worldview is something like this:

What is real? Well, God is real. He is basically on the throne, although a lot goes on in the world that He allows to happen because of man’s evil choices. I fit into this scheme of things as His child who doesn’t have a lot to say about cosmic events.

What do I believe? Among other things, I believe the Bible. I believe that God chose the Jews to finally bring forth the Messiah so He could start the Church so I could become a Christian — which means I’m different from the world, but if I live true to God I’ll have a good life with His blessing. I also believe things are going from bad to worse, and when they get really out-of-hand, God will give up on humanity, Jesus will return and I’ll go to heaven.

What do I think is best? I think being a good Christian is extremely important — living a clean, godly life, reading the Bible, praying, witnessing,giving money to the church and missions and attending church services.

What is my behavior like?
I try to do thinks I know are important; but I don’t do them as regularly as I should or would like to. I attend lots of meetings. And I’m basically trying to have the best life I can until Jesus comes back for me.

A more biblical based worldview:

What is real? God is minutely in charge of everything, even to the extent of using Satan and man’s wrath to fit into His unchangeable purpose of blessing His people in order to bless every people on earth. I fit into a very specific role in that plan.

What do I believe? Among other things such as the doctrines of the faith, I believe God has been orchestrating His specific plan for all of history. I believe that everything that happens fits into His unchangeable purpose. And I believe there is a time coming when He will finish His plan. I believe that time is soon, and I believe my sense of vision of His plan is not a coincidence: I believe He wants to use me now in some significant way.

What do I think is best? Fitting into that plan [Here are some possible ways]. Seeking first His kingdom. Using all the disciplines of biblical Christianity to point in the direction of that purpose. It is extremely important for me to maintain good health, cultivate good relationships, keep my finances in order so that I can give as much as possible to the Cause, walk in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake, and develop all my skills and spiritual gifts for my part in the big picture. I need to pray against the enemy strongholds so that God’s kingdom can come on earth as it is in heaven, and pray that God would thrust forth laborers into His harvest. I must evangelize my own people group through personal evangelism, unite with other believers in this cosmic battle against satanic forces, and remain clean and pure as a vessel fit for God’s use in His plans! All of this is extremely important because God is carrying out His purpose through us, His people!

What is my behavior like? It looks like typical Christian behavior, only a little more radical. I’ve never prayed so much in my life; I become angry over Satan’s control over a certain unreached people group and I refuse through prayer to let Satan have his way over them. I’m getting together with Christians who mean business, because I know better than to tackle the strongholds of Satan by myself. I’m also studying the Bible and the world like never before, because I’ve realized how little I know about the whole picture. I spend a lot of time evaluating everything I do to pull it into captivity to obedience to Christ in His great Cause. I evaluate what I have and do according to the fact that it has a purpose far beyond making my own life comfortable. I find I don’t do much in the way of trying to “keep up with the Joneses”; who cares about such small ambitions anymore? I’m feeling less of a need to escape; so I watch less TV and spend less money. I’m beginning to act as if I don’t quite belong her in my old Western culture for much longer.

Taken from Vision 2020 by Bill and Amy Stearns, pages 166-168



One Response to “Worldview”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Ok, I have a couple of issues here…
    -I get really tired of the generalization “Typical American Christian”. There is no typical American Christian. This is a stupid generalization. Why not substitute “bad theology”? That seems like that’s what they’re saying.
    -I’m also annoyed by “Satan’s control over unreached people group” comment. I think we are supposed to think globally and act locally. We should be outraged over Satan’s control of PEOPLE IN OUR CITY. We should minister to those AROUND US.
    -And I have no idea what this sentence means “I spend a lot of time evaluating everything I do to pull it into captivity to obedience to Christ in His great Cause.” I have several objections to what was said there…but I’m not even sure I understand it, so I’ll leave that alone.

    Other than that, pretty solid stuff. But the tone of it comes off as uber-smartass and condescending towards other Christians. I’m not sure why people feel the need to put other Christians down if they truly believe that “God is minutely in charge of everything”. We should attempt to educate and discuss with those we disagree with, rather than building fences and putting up barriers (not to mention patting ourselves on the back) like this selection does.

    I think it’s on the right track theologically, but like all things with good intentions…I think there needs to be some thought put into it.

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