Y’all have probably heard about the question of what happens to a man on an island if they don’t know Christ. The mercy side of us that is there in the image of God cries out “Its not fair for a man to die and go to hell if he is seeking God.” I was involved in a conversation like this yesterday.

Rarely does the justice we have in the image of God adequately reflect the justice God has. We may not cut in line to go to the movies or we may feel sorrow for the mistreated and innocent, but those just touch the top of the iceberg. If we sincerely look at God’s justice, sin is grounds for immediate and unmerciful death. A common statement is “its not fair for bad things to happen to good people, or that good people should go to hell.” The bible is pretty clear though: our good works are like dirty rags to God (Isaiah 64:6), not one seeks God (Romans 3:11, Jeremiah 5:1-3), it is by faith alone (Ephesians 2:9-10). The truth is that we deserve to die now, and again and again. BUT by Christ’s sacrifice, we take His place.

SO my response (especially to those still having doubts on Christianity) on this issue is: I realize this is a problem. These people can’t be in relationship with God unless they become like one without sin. In order to do this they must be saved under Jesus’ name. If there are places where Jesus’ name is not proclaimed, it is our duty to tell them. This whole thing is why I am involved in missions. It is because God loves these people that we go and give them the chance to respond to the gospel. I tell these who have yet to put their faith in Jesus, “join me in letting the nations know,” if you are so concerned than go with me.



2 Responses to “Universalism”

  1. BruceD Says:

    Is God’s love so fickle that he only loves those who love him first?

  2. adamhoffman Says:

    First let me go to 1 John 4, specifically verse 10, but the context is well. God first loved us. Our love for God can only be one of response to the love that He has shown us (seen clearly on the cross). God’s love is everlasting, it is not in his character to love us based on our works but only love us because we are his creation.

    It is God’s justice that separates his desire to love us. His love is not fickle and neither is his desire to see all creation worshiping in relationship to Him. But He is the holy above holies and sin cannot enter his presence, thus some have to be left out.

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