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So in case you haven’t been to Pasadena, its awesome.  We have amazing weather (I didn’t realize it was cold in other places because it is still in the 70’s here).  We enjoy our jobs and get to be in such a great place of growing and learning.

We live in one of the foremost mission thinking communities.  We live with many who have devoted their lives overseas to see Christ followed in the most spiritually dark places.  We have people who are focuses and studying missiological breakthroughs in the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Nomad, Chinese, Jewish worlds.  We have the amazing opportunity to sit under a major mission leader, Dr. Ralph Winter.  We still get giddy and feel like we are surrounded by superstars when we come to work.

Multiple times in the week we are a part of major mission discussions about the current and hot topic issues in the mission enterprise.  Three times a week we have a 25 minute seminar (once a week Dr. Winter speaks), once every two weeks we have a full hour to an academic missiological discussion, and every week we have an opportunity to hear stories of missionaries straight off the field.  What an experience!  Most of what is posted is not original by me, I am simply taking the information and processing it here.

I look forward to these upcoming months as the A-Team here pours out their lives in front of us.  This is a great resource center so please ask any question and continue to discuss these issues.


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    […] By Adam Hoffman It’s amazing being on staff here at the U.S. Center for World Mission.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am amazed that I get to sit under one of the most prominent leaders in the missions movement.  […]

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