The Flying Man Pt 1 – Dr. Winter’s editorial

It’s amazing being on staff here at the U.S. Center for World Mission.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am amazed that I get to sit under one of the most prominent leaders in the missions movement.  Dr. Ralph Winter popularized the strategy of unreached people groups as a focus of our mission effort.  He catalyzed the big ship of the missions enterprise turning away from political nations to ethnic nations.  Through a creation of his, the Perspectives class, I came to the knowledge that God’s ultimate purpose was to glorify himself through worshipers among all the families of God.

Friday mornings he talks out what he will most likely write out in future publications (today we talked about the taxonomy of senders).  I remember him going over the material he wrote in this article.  After spending time with him, I can hear him talk this out instead of reading with just my general voice.

Dr. Winter struggles with the effects of urbanization and industrialization.  From his discussion and the editorial of “The Flying Man”, brings up the difficulty of splitting up the family because of economic reasons.  He brings up the fact that Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote their communist proposals as a result of the Industrial Revolution.  He says that China is now industrializing and experiencing the same problems: father’s leaving the home to go to the city for work, putting local business owners out of business because of efficiency, creating cities with extreme poverty and disease, and one specifically for China, recent morality issues (selling female children, killing 2nd children by law, food and toy contamination.)

The issue is too big for an easy solution.  He basically brings the issue to the forefront so we know how to react and go on from here.  Help me out, What do you think are other root issues that force these situations?  Is it reversible, can we emigrate families back to their original territories?  Is globalization, urbanization and industrialization a good thing for the world as a whole.  How can missionaries go into places like these and best serve the people?

Thanks for your input.


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