The Flying Man Pt 6: The Missing Father by Leith Gray

(Read the original article published in the Nov/Dec edition of Mission Frontiers magazine)

This is a very interesting article on how to communicate the concept of the trinity to Muslims.  I don’t have any critiques or outside comments on my own so I will just summary the article for you.  Again, I urge you to read the article for your self.

He goes into great background of why Muslims have a hard time with this concept in general.  He refers to Surah 19:90-91 and also points out that the Arabic language uses neutral gender terminology for Allah.

“So what can we do?” he asks.

  1. Model the use of Trinitarian prayers in front of them
  2. Avoid language that may sound biological or sexual in their context
  3. Use comparative equivalents and similes to transfer meaning
  4. Refer to names in the “Ninety-nine beautiful names of Allah” to show father-like attributes.

Any other comments?


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One Response to “The Flying Man Pt 6: The Missing Father by Leith Gray”

  1. Adam Says:

    Leith Gray, and Rick Brown do not seem to believe that Jesus is the eternal Son (thus negating the Father as eternal Father) but rather that Jesus BECAME the Son at the Incarnation.

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