The Flying Man Pt 8: Raising Local Resources by Glenn Schwarts

(Read the original article published in the Nov/Dec edition of Mission Frontiers magazine)

This article concerns the issue of how do local congregations in poorer areas provide for the needs of the church.  A secondary issue I want to address is dependence these local congregations can have on outside (Western sources).

Schwartz uses mostly examples to express his main point: local congregations have the resources they need for themselves, if they are creative.  He backs up his argument with the Apostle Paul’s comments in 2 Corinthians 8.  In this case, Paul asks a planted church for funds for the mother church (Jerusalem).  He describes the Corinthian church as being in severe trial and poverty, but they begged for the privilege of giving.  Again, he gives great examples of how local believe can rally to provide for their own needs.

An issue behind local believers providing for themselves is the ability to detach themselves from foreign resources.  Missionaries must be careful with what they spend their money on, the habits they are building and training pastors to be bi-vocal.  It is so easy for this issue to be put on the back burner and then the church not be able to survive because they haven’t taught themselves to provide for their needs.

What do you think?  What are good solutions for local congregations to be self-sustaining?


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