What parallels do you see in mission work today to the shift from Jewish to Greek culture?

There are many parallels in mission work today we get from the lateral shift of Jewish to Greek culture.  In many ways this one shift that was seen in the Bible validates and gives Biblical backing for the basic mission practice of contextualization.  The principle is that no one culture is better than another, and no one culture has the complete picture of scripture, different truths are more apparent in different cultures.  Another parallel is that in both cultures of “Christianity” (a looser term of the cultural religion), there are honoring and devout “God-fears” and strict law abiding nominal believers.  Similarly, it is true that people on both sides of the coin struggle with the interpretations and applications of the same biblical truths on either side.  Acts 15 shares the struggle they had with this issue; today we see it in the syncretism/insider movement debate.



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