How does true heart faith contrast with faith based on religious and cultural traditions and assumptions? What are the differing results in individual lives as well as societies?

True heart faith contrasts greatly with faith based on religious and cultural traditions and assumptions.  The hard thing is, from the outside, one person can’t readily distinguish between the two by observation alone.  It is true that both of these cases a person can be acting in the same manner and doing the same things.  The root of the difference is the heart matter.  True heart faith (in Christ) is not about self or appearance but for the purpose of glorifying God, spreading His name and fighting evil.  It is not routine, out of duty alone or self-interest reasons that the person is participating in the action.  The motivation of the person is a primary distinction in the classification of their faith.

While individual scenarios can be difficult to distinguish without direct contact, society level differences are more obvious.  Communities of “God fearers” are difference makers.  They passionately engage in the kingdom of God taking active steps at relieving the root and results of evil in the world.  They energetically point others to the source of healing and redemption, Christ, both locally and globally.  Society level nominal believers again may engage in some community development activity, but it is with compassion (human driven) rather than God driven passion.  Often times those communities based on religious tradition fight change, while God fearing communities embrace change.



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