Missions Mobilization and Motivation

I have been reading some about motivations in missions, and having been thinking of applications in the realm of mobilization. How do followers of Christ who recognize the depth and meaning of the Great Commission and its place in our relationship with Jesus adequately inform, motivate, catalyze, move others towards the same biblical objectives. Unfortunately most pew-sitters in church don’t know about how the Great Commission relates to the 21st century and and don’t understand how they can have a role to play (even without a passport!)

There are two extremes people usually take with their motivation. These aren’t mutually exclusive and I think a bi-focal approach is most appropriate to see the Great Commission through.

The first is passion for God and going out based on relationship. This is where our understanding and appreciation for who God is and what he has done to bring us back to Him – impacts us so much that we must carry this same message to others. We are compelled to go because of an inner longing. One issue I subjectively see through my experience is that deep, passionate worship doesn’t always produce apostolic zeal. I know many people who are intimate in their relationship with God and have no concern for the external world. The major goal is to personally grow as much as possible. How do we help people see compassion for the world through their relationship with God?

The other side is duty. God’s word reveals to us that we shall go. The great Commission was given to all to participate in. We all may not go, but we are all called to have a part. The commander in chief has spoken so we must follow. The difficulty here is that people leaving under this banner often go without relying fully on the Holy Spirit. With this mindset, it is easy to forget that Christ goes before, Christ goes with us, and that ultimately it is his work we are doing as ambassadors of His kingdom.

So now you’ve read the two sides. Is there anything you think I left out? Where do you stand? How do you share your passion of Christ and HIS plan to save some from ALL ethnic groups with others? Where can the church do better at putting these issues at the forefront?


One Response to “Missions Mobilization and Motivation”

  1. Kris Says:

    Looking forward to pt. 2!

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