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Staying Might be More Effective

November 29, 2009

Have you ever wondered what missions enthusiasts (like yourself) might do if they don’t go overseas to serve?  “Why would they though?” you might ask yourself.  Staying in your domestic context might be more effective for God’s Kingdom.

Here’s a scenario: you are walking down the side of the road in your neighborhood and notice a house down the street is burning down.  What are you going to?  You can put out a little kitchen fire maybe, but isn’t this task too big for just you?  What is the most effective thing to do?  Call for re-enforcements! Why do we think the missions enterprise is any different?  Anyone who stays should be recruiting and challenging others to find their role as well.  Sure you try to tackle the house fire (or bringing the gospel to those who haven’t heard), but with help, the task is much more accomplishable.

What if you have a heart for missions but pursuing a degree that doesn’t line up with formal mission roles?  God can use (and needs!) every role to be sanctified to His plans and His tasks.  We play this game with college students, kind of stump the expert like, you name a job or career that you think can’t be used in missions and we’ll find a way to use it.  Since we are talking about how to be effective while staying, I’ll stick with just domestic roles.  For time sake I’ll name two: law and psychology.  Here we go.  Lawyers could donate their time and expertise to aid missionaries going to the field with many practical things like: assets, wills, advise on international law, and when to contact their embassy.  Psychologist could donate their time at a training center for missionaries, aiding them with their inner struggles and finding resolvement before going overseas.  Any issues a person has with them cross cultures get aggravated and exaggerated.

Let me end with this statement:  you can’t go unless you willing to stay, but you can’t stay unless you are willing to go.  This takes your personal agenda out of the equation and forces you to lay your plans at the foot of the cross.  We are all called to the Great Commission, the question is not if you will join, but where.


Veiws on Calling and God’s Will

August 30, 2007

… A continued conversation from JD Greear’s Blog, Entry entitled “How Do You Know What You are ‘Called’ to as a Christian?”

I agree wholeheartedly with JD & yucko. This issue is very pervasive in college. Kids are asking all the time the question “what has God called me to?” There are constant fears of falling in line with “the one life trajectory that God has for us.” The more I think about it, the more that statement puts God in box, saying that basically we can so easily mess up God’s Will.

An analogy we encourage those making major life decisions is instead of asking, “What does God have for me to do,” ask, “What is God already doing in the world, and how has he gifted me to be a part of it.” We need to take the focus off ourselves and see our role in line with the big picture: It’s all about knowing God and making Him known. We give the challenge as JD does. There are pockets of people who don’t have access to the gospel (10,000 unreached people groups). We know God has said that he will redeem “panta ta ethne” (all the families/people groups of the world.) Why not be involved there?