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Create International

December 15, 2008

Today we had the opportunity to hear from the founders/International Directors of Create International.  About 20 years ago they were on our campus, and are graduated through the University we are attached to.  We were so jazzed to hear about the ministry of this organization.

At the heart of the organization is contextualization.  They take it to the next level though.  Create’s goal and focus is to provide up to date resources for missionaries.  They specialize in providing contextualized multimedia for people working in unreached people groups.

They travel around the globe filming and recording films, music videos, short stories, bible storying and distribute what they make for free.  They are connected with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) but want to partner with many agencies.

Today they were showing us videos and demonstrating how they distribute this media to teams around the world to utilize.  Workers download the media on their iPods, cell phones, computers and take them around with them (most young adults carry these things with them all the time).  These tools are great for short term teams who rarely know the language or the culture.  Once they begin conversations and gather people’s attention, they can share these videos that describe the gospel relevantly in the heart language of the people.  How amazing!  Long-term teams can use these to accompany the outreach they are doing as well.  Often natives don’t want the foreign man’s religion.  However, when they see someone who looks like them and talks like them attesting to the goodness of God in thier own heart language, they begin to listen and understand how the gospel applies to their lives.

Are you overseas, do you know someone going short term or long term?  Easily equip them to be effective as they share the message of Hope and give them a tool to do so in a culturally contextualized manner.  Go to the site and find a video that is culturally contextuallized to the people you (or your friends) are working with.

Praise be to God that He commands us to use “all means” in sharing our faith!


Trends in the North American Mission Movement

October 8, 2008

Friday morning we had a seminar from Michael Jaffarian. He is a global mission researcher and collaborates on Operation World as well as the Mission Handbook. He revealed a couple of interesting statistics this morning that I wanted to pass along. (Note: data was taken 2005).

  • In the U.S. & Canada, there are 822 agencies who receive $6 billion annually. While this is a lot of money, $15 billion is spent on pet products and $50 billion is spent on toiletries and cosmetics.

Numbers of North American missionary involvement:

  • 43,000 long term missionaries (those whose length of service is expected to be more than four years)
  • 8,000 middle term missionaries (those whose length of service is from one to four years)
  • 150,000 short term missionaries (those whose length of service is from two weeks up to one year)
  • 1.5 million mission-trip participants (those whose length of service is up to two weeks; as opposed to other missionaries, this category contains mainly those who go through a local church and not necessarily through a mission agency)
  • Noted that strong growth in mission-trip participants and short term missionaries has not yielded increase long term missionaries

Agency Focus

  • For every mission agency mainly devoted to relief/development (DEV), there are about five devoted to evangelism/discipleship (EVG)
  • 18 to 1 ratio of missionary sent through agencies focus on EVG rather than DEV
  • Total money donated to DEV mission agencies greater than total money donated to EVG mission agencies.
  • Seven out of the top ten and four out of the top five largest American mission agencies (by income) are DEV
  • Income growth between 2001 – 2005:
    – EVG: 2.7%
    – DEV: 74.3%

  • Noted rapid growth in national workers financially supported by North American mission agency dollars
  • Now for every American missionary sent and supported, there are two national workers being supported