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The Flying Man Pt 7: Lifetime Achievement Award by Rick Wood

January 4, 2009

(Read the original article published in the Nov/Dec edition of Mission Frontiers magazine)

This article announces that Dr. Ralph Winter received the lifetime achievement award in the September 2008 joint meeting in Denver of The Mission Exchange (formerly the EFMA) and CrossGloabl Link (formerly the IFMA).

The article gives a short bio of accomplishments and reasons why he was given the award.

I am again honored to serve under this brilliant and dedicated man of God.  I am glad to meet him, hear from him and be a part of his community.  Dr. Winter is one of my heroes and it is good to see him receive this award from the top mission alliances in the country.

I am amazed at what he has accomplished, the ideas he has came up with and the fact that despite cancer and other aliments, he is still going forward working in the missions realm after his 84th birthday.  He could have retired years ago, but he is still burdened for Christ’s lost sheep.

I celebrate you Dr. Winter.


The Flying Man Pt 5: New Insights From Three Eras of Mission History by Robby Butler

December 30, 2008

(Read the original article published in the Nov/Dec edition of Mission Frontiers magazine)

This article is about the Perspectives course revision. The beginning paragraphs go over some of the milestones reached and influences of the course. The new revision is due January 2009. We were around when they were working 60-80 hour weeks editing and revision the reader. Also beginning in 2009, we as a staff will methodically go through the articles one by one and discuss their content. If you can’t tell we are excited about this.

The majority of Butler’s article covers concepts in the revision Dr. Winter’s article on the Eras of Protestant Missions. (NOTE: I have not read Dr. Winter’s revised article, I am simply reviewing this MF article.) Butler reviews the addition of a section comparing these eras with “kingdom mission” or “church mission.” You can read for your self the summary he gave of what kingdom and church mission are and how they apply to the three ears in missions.

Butler then takes Dr. Winter’s article and its kingdom/church mission definitions and critics each of them objectively. Butler says church mission often transforms individuals instead of communities and concentrates on salvation of the individual rather than the society. He says kingdom mission can be done without Christ (social action) and it is easy to get caught into just doing good things.

I think there is a need for the two to complement each other in order for mission strategy to be effective. The church, evangelism, development and society level change are all necessary for the true gospel to be preached.

The Bible’s Role in Politics

December 26, 2008

Here is a quick (5 min) video showing the undergirding of America politics and how the Bible has influenced our politics.

Create International

December 15, 2008

Today we had the opportunity to hear from the founders/International Directors of Create International.  About 20 years ago they were on our campus, and are graduated through the University we are attached to.  We were so jazzed to hear about the ministry of this organization.

At the heart of the organization is contextualization.  They take it to the next level though.  Create’s goal and focus is to provide up to date resources for missionaries.  They specialize in providing contextualized multimedia for people working in unreached people groups.

They travel around the globe filming and recording films, music videos, short stories, bible storying and distribute what they make for free.  They are connected with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) but want to partner with many agencies.

Today they were showing us videos and demonstrating how they distribute this media to teams around the world to utilize.  Workers download the media on their iPods, cell phones, computers and take them around with them (most young adults carry these things with them all the time).  These tools are great for short term teams who rarely know the language or the culture.  Once they begin conversations and gather people’s attention, they can share these videos that describe the gospel relevantly in the heart language of the people.  How amazing!  Long-term teams can use these to accompany the outreach they are doing as well.  Often natives don’t want the foreign man’s religion.  However, when they see someone who looks like them and talks like them attesting to the goodness of God in thier own heart language, they begin to listen and understand how the gospel applies to their lives.

Are you overseas, do you know someone going short term or long term?  Easily equip them to be effective as they share the message of Hope and give them a tool to do so in a culturally contextualized manner.  Go to the site and find a video that is culturally contextuallized to the people you (or your friends) are working with.

Praise be to God that He commands us to use “all means” in sharing our faith!

The Flying Man Pt 1 – Dr. Winter’s editorial

December 5, 2008

It’s amazing being on staff here at the U.S. Center for World Mission.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am amazed that I get to sit under one of the most prominent leaders in the missions movement.  Dr. Ralph Winter popularized the strategy of unreached people groups as a focus of our mission effort.  He catalyzed the big ship of the missions enterprise turning away from political nations to ethnic nations.  Through a creation of his, the Perspectives class, I came to the knowledge that God’s ultimate purpose was to glorify himself through worshipers among all the families of God.

Friday mornings he talks out what he will most likely write out in future publications (today we talked about the taxonomy of senders).  I remember him going over the material he wrote in this article.  After spending time with him, I can hear him talk this out instead of reading with just my general voice.

Dr. Winter struggles with the effects of urbanization and industrialization.  From his discussion and the editorial of “The Flying Man”, brings up the difficulty of splitting up the family because of economic reasons.  He brings up the fact that Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote their communist proposals as a result of the Industrial Revolution.  He says that China is now industrializing and experiencing the same problems: father’s leaving the home to go to the city for work, putting local business owners out of business because of efficiency, creating cities with extreme poverty and disease, and one specifically for China, recent morality issues (selling female children, killing 2nd children by law, food and toy contamination.)

The issue is too big for an easy solution.  He basically brings the issue to the forefront so we know how to react and go on from here.  Help me out, What do you think are other root issues that force these situations?  Is it reversible, can we emigrate families back to their original territories?  Is globalization, urbanization and industrialization a good thing for the world as a whole.  How can missionaries go into places like these and best serve the people?

Thanks for your input.

Mission Frontier’s Magazine: The Flying Man

December 2, 2008

Over the next few days I plan to review and unpack the latest Mission Frontier’s magazine.  Here are the articles in this edition:

Dr. Winter’s Editorial

The Flying Man by Mark Harris

The Legacy of Love by Rick Wood

How to Best Help China by Dr. Winter

The Three Eras of Mission History by Robby Butler

The Missing Father by Leith Gray

Ralph Winter Receives Lifetime Achievement Award by Rick Wood

Raising Local Resources by Glenn Schwartz

Further Reflections by Greg Parsons

USCWM Community

November 25, 2008

So in case you haven’t been to Pasadena, its awesome.  We have amazing weather (I didn’t realize it was cold in other places because it is still in the 70’s here).  We enjoy our jobs and get to be in such a great place of growing and learning.

We live in one of the foremost mission thinking communities.  We live with many who have devoted their lives overseas to see Christ followed in the most spiritually dark places.  We have people who are focuses and studying missiological breakthroughs in the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Nomad, Chinese, Jewish worlds.  We have the amazing opportunity to sit under a major mission leader, Dr. Ralph Winter.  We still get giddy and feel like we are surrounded by superstars when we come to work.

Multiple times in the week we are a part of major mission discussions about the current and hot topic issues in the mission enterprise.  Three times a week we have a 25 minute seminar (once a week Dr. Winter speaks), once every two weeks we have a full hour to an academic missiological discussion, and every week we have an opportunity to hear stories of missionaries straight off the field.  What an experience!  Most of what is posted is not original by me, I am simply taking the information and processing it here.

I look forward to these upcoming months as the A-Team here pours out their lives in front of us.  This is a great resource center so please ask any question and continue to discuss these issues.